Hazah = 2 men, about a dozen instruments and a laptop... Founded in 2003 the duo gelled instantly with their techno-folk electro-funksound. They launched their career by becoming finalists in the Glastonbury unsigned bands competition after a friend made them send in a demo

On stage Hazah mix their own beats, samples and quirky synth riffs with acoustic and electric guitar, bass, flute, Irish pipes, whistles, clarinet and banjo.

"Unique...they make a sound like you've never heard...[their album 'eyes open'] belongs in your record collection"  -  Josh Withey @ BBC Radio
"[Hazah] sound organic and have managed to capture that festival sound .Using a laptop to set up funky global beats and then overlaying them with a collection of folk instruments, they're clearly one of those bands loved on the festie circuit. Well worth finding next time you see them on the bill at a festival. Songs to make you smile and sounds to make you move, what more do you need!"  -  Scott Williams efestivals.co.uk